Monday, February 13, 2012

The big TO-DO

How many people out there actually have a perfectly clean and organized home? Anyone?


I have always, ALWAYS had an issue with cleaning and organizing. I've always loved a clean bathroom. Who doesn't love to take a shower in a clean, crisp shower? If anyone has ever been in my house, I'm famous for saying "Sorry about the mess, I'm lazy". True story. I'm incredibly lazy. But, I love clean. I'm a walking contradiction.

B and I recently bought new bedroom furniture, and, getting rid of the old stuff was a tad hinky. Yep. I said hinky. Right now our house is right out of an episode of Hoarders. In our Guest bedroom (a glorified catch all room), we have two nightstands and two lamps that used to be in our bedroom. We also have all of the other furniture that is meant to be in that room. We have an extra bookcase (fold-able, super cute and compact I'm thinking about painting it and sealing - it more on that later) that my mother-in-law gave us. We also have a taken apart bed frame to get rid of. There is sweeping to be done, and, floor steaming to do. PLUS, thanks to the super awesome Pinterest, I am going to use the self adhesive tiles that you can find at Home Depot and tile under my kitchen sink... I'm very excited about it.

Anyways, I'm very excited about re-organizing my home. I'm going to start by the broad picture. I'm going to purge my house. Getting rid of junk we don't need. I'll be taking pictures, providing I can find my camera.... and working through it, so, I'm HOPING that this will give me motivation to get it done. If you have any different and creative ideas on how to organize small spaces, please, let me know.

I'm VERY excited!  

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