Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shark Vac Then Steam - A Review

Have you seen this product? I saw this on TV a few months ago, and being the owner of a home with almost no carpet, I was instantely interested. I never believe commercials for these kind of products when they come on, but, I just couldn't help myself.

I'm not sure why I do this, but, I hardly ever buy myself something that I really want. I got this for Christmas this year. I was SO excited! We have all hardwood floors, and, I'm always scared that something will damage them. I love them, they are gorgeous and I want them in tip top shape.

I finally just the opportunity to use it (I've been really sick, yuck!) this past week. Let me just say - our floors have NEVER been cleaner. This product is like magic! It does exactly as the name says. It is a hard floor vacuum first, then, it's a lovely steam mop.

We have a very hairy dog. When I say hairy, I mean HAIRY. There are clumps of nasty dog hair everywhere in my house. GROSS! This thing sucked up all the hair in my living room, dining room, and kitchen. Yes, Kitchen. I have to sweep it ALL the time. It's nasty, and, I really don't want dog hair in my food. It collected all of the hair, SO much better than sweeping!

After sucking up all of the hair on the main floor of my house, I went room by room to try out the steam mop. Boy, am I glad I did!! In the fall and winter time, our entry way gets really dirty. It gets dirty in spring and summer too, but, will the rain and snow in the fall, it's worse. Anyways, it cleaned the entryway like it was nothing! I usually use the Swiffer WetJet, but, I've been really, really lazy lately. In my lazy time, it's gotten really nasty. Same thing goes for where the dog's water bowl is. That spot is nasty. B (my husband) put a paper towel underneath of it. That was stuck to the floor. The steam mop got that, too! So, in it's place I put down an old plastic placemat I got as a gift.

All in all, if you or anyone you know has all hard floors and only a bit of carpet (like me), this product is highly recommended!

I may never sweep again. 

Here is the link to Bed, Bath and Beyond... Vac then Steam

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