Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Votive Holders

Christmas Candle Holders!

I found these pictures from Christmas time on my computer. I made this with the intention of making three, and, the intention of giving them to my Mom for her Christmas Party. Well, just like my cards... that never happened. Anyways. I just loved the idea of these, and, I'm probably going to finish them when the weather breaks and I can do this with an open window.

I started with an average run of the mill votive holder you can buy practically anywhere. I think I got three of these at Michael's. This would probably really neat as a jar for flour, or sugar or something.

Step one - tape off any part that you want to remain clear. If you are going to do a flour or sugar jar. It would be really neat to tape some kitchen stickers or matching (to the room decor) stencils to the jar. Oh, Maybe you could make like a really cute paperclip holder or embellishment jars! Anyways, that's enough.

Then, you spray it with the frosted spray paint I used the Krylon stuff (I think). It's what Michael's had. I just love how these looked. You have to let these dry for like 24 hours. I think I let mine dry for 2 days. Just to be safe. Then I removed the black paper. I'm thinking maybe stripes for the next one. Maybe I will vary the sizes. Or, I might take some painter's tape and rip it and then tape it to the top and spray the bottom so maybe it will look like snow? Enough with the ideas.

I cut this adorable little "Let it Snow!" out with my Cricut machine. Then I ran it though the little Xyron sticker maker and just stuck it to the glass. I wonder if the make colored frosted glass paint? I but this would be really pretty to put some snowflakes on it and then spray the blue around them. Ooh. Nice. I'm not even sure if you can light a candle in this with the stickery stuff on it, but, it's super cute. I'm all about filling it with an LED light. No flames, and no worries. Maybe I'll make a white one and fill it with cranberries and tinsel.

Seriously. This is my brain on crafts.

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